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Staff Training

The staff employees of Collin College are offered training for the various technologies and applications we use. These technologies support teaching, office and project management, meetings and communications, and more.

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Staff Workshops
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Online Tutorials:

ARGOS Reporting: An Introduction to the Basics Powerpoint
Blackboard Collaborate: Launching a Session: Video
Blackboard Collaborate: Breakout Rooms Video or PDF
Blackboard Collaborate: Conducting a Session Video
Blackboard Collaborate: Creating a session Video or PDF
Blackboard Collaborate: Moderating a Session Overview Video or PDF
Blackboard Collaborate: Overview for Advisors Video
Blackboard Collaborate: Polling Video or PDF

Specific Services:

Group training via Internet

These workshops will mostly take the form of discussion about the use of specific technologies, who uses these applications now, what is accomplished (tasks, reports, etc) and who can take advantage of training.


Voice over visuals step by step procedures and PDF detailed instructions for using the various technologies available.

Individual appointments

At times individuals will need “Just in Time Training” when they are ready to use a certain application. This can be provided in person, via Internet or on the phone.

3rd Party Resources

Many technology applications providers create training materials. Links to these resources will be regularly posted on this webpage. 3rd parties, such as Google and Skype also provide a variety of applications designed to support group work, such as Google Doc, Google calendar, Skype conference call, Skype video and Skype application share, to name a few.

Division/Department specific training and project assistance

There are some divisions and departments that will benefit from ongoing and specific training and assistance.

Staff needs surveys and reports

The training needs of Collin staff will constantly change and regular surveys will provide needed information on everything from topics to times, days and delivery methods for training.

Assistance in managing virtual/web based meetings
Assistance can be provided for first time users of web meetings. This will allow the content presenter to learn how to manage the technology more comfortably than trying to do both content and technology management at the same time.

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Staff Workshops

None at this moment.

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IT System Maintenance Schedule

CLICK HERE to see scheduled maintenance

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