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Being aware of your learning style, technology knowledge, and study habits before enrolling in an online class can increase your chances of having a successful online experience.

SmarterMeasure (Learning readiness Indicator) is a web-based tool which assesses a learner's likelihood for succeeding in an online learning program. SmarterMeasure indicates the degree to which an individual student possesses attributes, skills and knowledge that contribute to success in online learning, including:

·  Self-motivation
             ·  Time-management skills
             ·  Self-discipline
             ·  Reading comprehension
             ·  Persistence
             ·  Availability of time
             ·  Ability to use a  laptop, printer, software, and the Internet
             ·  Typing speed and accuracy

Collin College invites you to complete the SmarterMeasure assessment: http://collin.readi.info

Current Collin students will login to SmarterMeasure the first time using:
User name:      collin
Password:        student

Prospective Collin students will login to SmarterMeasure for the first time using:

User name:      enroll
Password:        me

Note: select the down arrow after the user name field in order to select a login name.